Mother’s Day Card Says It All

I love being able to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mother. The very first Mother’s Day was surreal. Was I really part of this club? And each subsequent year has brought even more joy than the previous one. I’m inclined to believe that these are the golden years of Mother’s Days. The years when the kids are so excited to give you what they have created at school that they make you tear open their backpacks on the walk home from the bus stop. I have all sorts of treasures from over the years: ladybug paperweights, plastic flowers in a jar, potted plants that are now blooming in the yard, macaroni jewelry. The gifts are precious but the card that accompanies the gift is priceless not to mention informative. I had no idea that my favorite food was chicken!

Here is the card I received from my seven year old this year. I shared this card with a good friend of mine.  “What! You’re only 36!” she says to me. “Laurie, you know how old I am, our birthdays are three days apart,” I reply. “Well my daughter gave me the same card and she has me at 68!” she tells me.

My 5 year old gave me this card.

He stared eagerly at me as I nervously lifted each flap of the M-O-M. Very interesting. Again, it shows that I like to eat chicken. Looks like I will have to beef up my culinary act in the kitchen. The last flap is very puzzling. It says, “My mom helps me buy a Cheetah”. Clearly he has drawn a very nice cheetah but I have no idea where this idea came from since the last thing we probably bought together was a loaf of bread. “Wow, a cheetah”, I say. His little face beams up at me as he points out how nicely he drew all the spots. He’s so proud of his work I don’t dare ask him why a cheetah.

This year my big gift from the boys and my husband was a Jenny Finch baseball glove with pink trim. I’ve been using any old glove that I see lying around when the kids ask me to play catch so this gift was very thoughtful. I love that it has pink trim because it guarantees sole ownership. A few years ago I got a SuperSoaker which came in very handy when I felt the need for a little personal space. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.