Along for the Ride

Some of my favorite memories are family bike rides. We manage to get on the trails a few times each year and we have a blast every time. It started out with our oldest son riding on an attachment behind my bike and our youngest son in a child seat behind my husband. With the kids attached to us we could actually log some miles on the trails without the kids getting tired out. It was heaven. We were outside getting exercise and everyone was having fun. Well most of the time… husband would occasionally pass us on the trail which would infuriate my riding partner. “Mommy, pedal faster!!!” he’d cry out. We’d catch him and then he would blow by us again. “Mommy, you’re going too slow, you’re making us lose!” he’d shout in frustration. I was no help to this situation. I was too busy laughing myself into hysteria at the extreme competitiveness of my four year old companion. “MOMMY STOP LAUGHING!!!”  “Listen kiddo, if you want to pass him, help me by pedaling,” I told him. His reply was to remind me that he only pedaled on the downhills, which was true. Somehow he got it into his head that he would pedal on the downhills and rest on the uphills. Smart kid. Did I mention that I got very strong that summer hauling forty pounds of kid and twenty-five pounds of bike attachment.

Fast forward two years and both kids are riding independently. They have pretty good endurance and we were able to log six miles this past weekend with fuel left in the tank for more. Our new challenge is bike safety. They get so caught up in where they are in the biking order that they are constantly looking over their shoulders and swerving into oncoming bikers. “Eyes in front. Stay to the right. Stay to the right! RIGHT!!!  After a few near misses, we assigned our pecking order on the trail.  We stopped several times along the trail for water breaks, lunch break and the requisite ice cream stop. It took us a few hours to complete the six mile excursion but we’ll be back and the pecking order will be the same.