The Mohawk Trail

It was the end of the day and time to engage the bedtime routine. “Okay boys, you know the drill: pajamas, teeth, face and potty. Call me up when you are finished,” I told them. I set out to clean the kitchen and tried to ignore the occasional loud bang and the rattling chandelier in the dining room. They knew what they needed to do. This was not a new routine. I moved on from the dishes to the mail to the recycling to the trash and finally ran out of stuff I needed to do. What was taking them so long? What were they doing!?! That’s when I realized that it had been quiet for a while and Lord knows they don’t tuck themselves into bed.

This is what I found….

..two boys in my bathroom fixing their hair into Mohawks. They were pretty proud of their new style and wanted to know if it would still look that way in the morning. They continued to wet and slick their hair for another ten minutes until I promised that I would let them use my hair gel on the weekend. I wonder if they’ll remind me.