Triple-A Baseball: A Great Take

It was a hot and humid Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend and my husband and I made a spontaneous decision to bring the family to a Triple-A baseball game. The Pawtucket Red Sox play at McCoy Stadium practically in our backyard. It’s a crime we don’t go more often. The kids were still dressed in there Little League uniforms from their games earlier in the day complete with grass stained knees and dusty shirts. We told them to grab their gloves and get in the car. “Where are we going?” they wanted to know. “You’ll see,” was all we said. We arrived about a half hour before the game started and were able to sit in the grand stand along the third base line. It is crazy this game was not a sell out considering Daisuke Matsuzaka “Dice-K” of the Boston Red Sox was pitching. But that’s what makes going to Triple-A baseball games so fun. It’s great baseball accessible to all.

Here is a photo of the boys in their uniforms with Dice-K warming up in the background!

It was a great evening. We ate the requisite hotdogs, chanted with the organ music, stretched in the seventh inning and lasted the whole game. It was a good thing too because all the action happened in the eighth inning and the PawSox won the game. We had two boys almost fall asleep during the short ride home dreaming of swinging for a home run or catching the ball to make the out. It’s no wonder baseball is “America’s Favorite Pastime”.