A Little Magic

Today was the boy’s second day of summer vacation and the town library was offering a magic show to kick off their summer reading program. Since my oldest son can read and has asked for a library card on several occasions I thought that today would be a perfect day to visit the library. Here is a photo of my guy filling out his library application.


He looks so serious and diligent. There must be something about holding a no. 2 pencil and filling out a form that can make you focus. He very carefully filled out the paper work and then sheepishly handed it  to the lady at the circulation desk who looked it over and promptly activated his card. I asked him if he would like me to stow it in my purse but he said no. This made me smile. If he is old enough for his own card then he should be its keeper.

On to the magic show…..

The three of us turned around to find an open space of carpet and settled in. We were greeted by “Awesome Rob”: a pirate magician. The kids LOVED him. He was silly and animated and constantly “messing up”. What could be better to a kid than when a grown up gets it all wrong?

Unexpectedly my younger son got picked from the audience to assist in one of his tricks. This is so rare for me because my kids always sit on their hands when anyone asks for a volunteer. He got selected anyway – guess he made eye contact!


Of course the fall out from taking kids to a magic show is that they become magicians for the rest of the day. There was a lot of “abracadabra” and vanishing items. Their favorite trick of the day was magical hand washing and tooth brushing without water. Yikes! I asked them if they thought they were magicians or pirates with that trick.