Dare to Dream

It’s an Olympic year and we are watching as much as we can. This is the first year that the boys can really appreciate how amazing these athletes truly are. Last night we watched men’s gymnastics, something the boys had really never seen and they were in awe. We talked about strength and flexibility, hard work and determination. They watched some of the athletes nail their routines while others had their dreams dashed. I watched my little athletes sitting on the couch looking at these Olympians on TV and could almost see their Olympic dreams. I remember dreaming of being an Olympic swimmer. I still fantasize about it.

Gymnastics finished for the night and we tucked the boys into bed with promises to watch more Olympics tomorrow. Son #1 started asking about how he could get stronger. We talked about exercise and eating right and of course getting a good night sleep – good night! My husband returned to check on the boys a half hour later and found son #1 sweating asking for a “cold compress” – wet wash cloth. “Why are you so sweaty,” he asks. “I’ve been doing pushups Dad!” he responds. Now there’s a kid who wants to make his dreams a reality.