Special Day

Yesterday was my birthday. I now reside comfortably in that demographic box that says check here if you are 35-40. I like thinking about my age in a group like that. It helps me focus on that broad sense of that time period in my life and not to get hung up on the specific number of candles on the birthday cake. This year my cake had three candles on it – number of candles found in the junk drawer or artistic representation of decades? I didn’t ask.

As the day approached I felt a sense of melancholy come over me. No, I’m not depressed about my age, that doesn’t bother me and as I look at my future self represented in my mother I am even less concerned – you look great Mom! My melancholy crept in as I thought about how I would like to spend my special day. Gone are the day of annual birthday parties, now we look to celebrate only the big decade milestones. But here in the middle of a demographic box I just wanted to spend a nice day with my two boys and a good friend and of course my husband when he returned home from work. I felt the pressure to secretly plan an outing but will a friend be available? Will it be a good day?

I was doubly blessed this year. I spent the day with a dear friend who happened to know on her own accord that it was my birthday. We had a great day together with our kids enjoying good conversation and the sunny hot day that comes with an August birthday. I couldn’t have been happier. But then I came home to my husband cooking dinner and a glass of wine waiting for me. No need to go out for dinner. We ate al fresco on the back patio and enjoyed the evening.  Thank you for a great day.