The Waning Days of Summer

It is Labor Day, September 3rd and the air is crisp and cool. School starts the day after tomorrow closing the chapter of Summer 2012. It has been a great summer. The weather has been perfect and the kids are at a great age for doing just about anything.

We started the summer in Vermont staying with my parents at their summer camp for the better part of four weeks. The kids swam, fished and boated. We’ve been going there since the kids were babies and spending time at Joe’s Pond means summer to them. Not having grown up going to a summer house I am grateful for their experiences. They are meeting summer friends they will see year after year. They are able to play and enjoy all that the summer pond has to offer. As a stay-at-home mom, I don’t take a single day for granted. I know I am fortunate to have this experience. Retirement savings be damned I remind myself these childhood days are numbered.

From Vermont, we headed to Cape Cod to visit my husband’s side of the family and spent a few days on the Brewster Beaches. We are very lucky to have parents living in the mountains and in-laws at the beach. We swam in Cape Cod Bay, dug giant holes in the sand and occasionally bought ice cream from the ice cream truck.

From the Cape we drove north to Lake Sunapee to visit more of my husband’s family. They have a house on an island that has been in their family for years. The house is a stately, turn of the century Dutch colonial built to last and true as north. There is not a squeaky floor board to be found. The kids romped around the island collecting blueberries for pancakes and fished off the dock. Son #2 caught a small red-eye fish and while he was waiting for someone to help him take it off the hook, a large bass came along and swallowed the little fish still on the hook. He retells the story like any good fisherman. “You should have seen how big it was!!!”

Finally we made our way back to our home in Massachusetts in time for our annual camping trip with three other families. I look forward to this weekend every year. Growing up my family camped for two weeks each summer and while it is a mountain of work planning and packing, there is no better way to spend quality time and make lasting memories. This year was marked by the skunks that circled our camp site like sharks circling a life raft. It was a narrow escape.

For the rest of August we enjoyed a few pool invitations and two beach day excursions. The rest of the days we let the wind blow us to our destination. It was a great summer. But the calendar page has turned and I welcome the change. The boys are ready for some time away from each other and I am looking forward to a new schedule and seeing the friends that come with it.

The summer has waned but the fall awaits.