Are You “Pinterested”?

I have spent the last few days engrossed in the web pages of Pinterest. I was looking for a few fall decorating ideas to kick off the season and haven’t stopped since.  The idea behind pinterest is to give users a place to collect and organize all the interesting ideas found on-line. Instead of bookmarking everything into a messy oblivion you create bulletin boards and “pin” photos that represent the site. It is genius. I started out with a “fall crafty” bulletin board but quickly created a “winter crafty”, “tasty”, “tasty crafty”, “for the kids”, “for the home” …. you get the idea.

It is amazing how many creative ideas are out there. It feels like I’m on a never ending treasure hunt to collect as many ideas as I can. The problem is with all that collecting I need to carve out time to start doing. After all, what’s the point of a treasure hunt if you don’t come home with any treasures. So last week while my Mom was visiting we created a giant spider out of a milk jug and foam insulating tubes. And today my son and I are working on a skeleton made from 16 paper plates.

Mine is still a work in progress.

These aren’t my photos. These photos are what it’s supposed to look like when we are finished. Ha!! I’m not too proud to admit that mine look much more “artsy-craftsy” if you know what I mean. Chances are I won’t be posting my finished product here but I’d be happy to show you if you come to visit.  Are you “Pinterested?”