Sandy Came to Town

Sandy is on our doorstep right now. She is gusty and rainy and has yet to unleash her true fury; she is saving that for bedtime. She’ll wait until dinner is done, the music and activities of the day are stowed away and we are tucked into our warm beds. That’s when she’ll huff and puff and blow like the big bad wolf.

As of now, the kids seem unfazed, more like unimpressed, by Sandy. I’ve kept the Weather Channel updates at bay so as to not over alert them. They see the trees swaying but have enjoyed a day off from school with games and a movie and the added bonus of having Daddy work from home. In general they are excellent sleepers so I hope we make it through the night with out too much alarm from the boys.

Myself, that’s a different story. I will lie awake and worry. The logical side of me knows that worrying is pointless and I should just let it go but I will worry just the same. Here’s the thing. Last year a little storm named Irene blew in for a day and pruned our yard in the process. We lost three beautiful trees; a linden, a silver maple and a cherry. These were healthy and well established trees and did I mention HUGE!! I saw the Linden fall. It fell along side our house with the trunk missing it by a mere six inches. Brushing up against the very room in which we were all sitting – hence I was able to watch it fall. That is why tonight I’ll be up with Sandy but instead of worrying maybe I should be praying.

Dear Lord please keep my family and everyone safe from danger. Amen