The Not So Funny Humorous Bone

The inevitable happened. Our youngest son broke his arm this weekend. As a mother of boys I knew this day would come. It was Saturday and our yard was full of kids racing around with the dog not far behind. Son #2 came around the corner and tripped over a gutter extension we had put out in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. He fell and cried. I hugged and kissed him, the first aid response of a mother. When he didn’t join right back in with the kids I knew that something was wrong. That’s when I noticed his elbow was swollen.

Our neighbors were over as soon as they heard word with a kid sized sling and lots of support. Their son, our son’s best friend, had broken his arm a few months before and had just gotten his cast removed so they knew the drill. They took our other son and sent us on our way to the ER.

Our little trooper endured some x-rays and lots of questions. My husband and I were thinking that it was a bad sprain but when we got ushered right into a room I had a bad feeling. Sure enough the x-ray revealed a break in the humorous bone just north of his elbow. Not so funny. Lucky for him it was not misaligned and a splint would be fine until the swelling decreased.

We were sent back home with instructions to see an orthopedic doctor and a prescription. He was so proud to show off his “cast” to his brother and friend. And was already talking about the color he would choose for the real cast (green) and making sure each of us would sign it. Show and tell everyday!

The next day our patient was in good form and we decided to have a little fun with our Halloween decoration. After all, he did break the “humorous” bone.