Buddy the Elf Has Arrived

It all started with an early November trip to the Christmas Loft. My Mom brought her grandchildren to pick out some advent calendars when they spotted “The Elf on the Shelf”. They knew all about him from their friends and it was further highlighted when my husband planned to dress up as one for a Halloween party until we ended up in the emergency room. (See “The Not So Funny Humorous Bone”). “Mom, why don’t we have an ‘Elf on the Shelf’? When can we get one? Can we get one – pleeeease!!!” I listened to them and realized that the window of Christmas magic is quickly closing on me – thank you school bus – and I better get one now.

I waited a week and then casually asked the boys if they were still interested in the elf. “YES!”, they said. I told them I heard he comes sometime after Thanksgiving and maybe if they wrote a letter to Santa he would send them one. They were all over it and we mailed it the next day. As soon as it was posted my oldest started having second thoughts. Seems like an extra set of eyes might not work in his favor.

Fast forward to November 28th and our Elf arrived straight from the North Pole. The kids spotted the brown paper package on the front steps when they were sent out to get the mail. Our youngest was over the moon. He is the one opening the package. Our oldest is starting to have visions of coal. I am loving this!

Daddy read them the book and they officially named him Buddy. It was either that or Elfie – very original. I have to admit I am very excited about having Buddy in the house. It is hard to imagine that we have so little time left where they truly believe. So with that in mind Buddy and I are going to see if we can keep the magic alive a little longer.