I have these block letters resting on my counter top that spell “EAT” (a gentle reminder). The kids think they are funny and occasionally change them around to spell “TEA” or “ATE”.


Now that the Christmas season is upon us I have switched “EAT” out for “JOY”. When they saw these new letters they collected all of them and started to mix them up. They giggled themselves silly at their creations of “TOE JAY”, “TO JAEY” and “AT JOEY”. They were having to much fun that I swapped out EAT JOY for a bag of Scrabble letters and dumped them on a tray for them to mess around with. Soon after my oldest went an found the Scrabble board and asked me how to play.


I was thrilled. So long Candy Land and Shutes and Ladders. It’s been fun but your time has passed. I almost can’t believe we have reached the point where we can play an actual game of Scrabble. He did great and had fun playing. I barely beat him by twelve points. I love Scrabble but word scrambles don’t come easy to me. I have a feeling this kid is going to go “TOE” to toe with me the next time we play but that’s okay. I choose Scrabble any day over Don’t Spill the Beans or Hi-Ho Cherry-O.

Here is our board from our first game.