UCONN Fight Song

“Connecticut UConn Huskies……. ba ba ba ba ba ba”. I’ve become very, make that VERY, familiar with the UConn fight song and here’s why. Our six year old (when he’s not on the phone) has been playing the trumpet.

The trumpet came to us this December from Great Aunt Gwen and has quite a history. It began with my Grandmother’s brother who played it in the Warner Brothers Orchestra. That’s right – Looney Tunes! It traveled with him during World War II and made it back to the family safely. Sadly its owner did not. My Aunt Gwen picked it up and played it through summer camps and school bringing it to the University of Arizona. She passed it along to Cousin Roger, her nephew, who brought it the University of Miami and then played it at our wedding. And now it’s in the hands of our son. (Better take care of it son – you can’t insure history like that.)

But it’s in good hands. He loves this instrument and treats it with care. I’ve never asked him to put it away much less be careful with it. And he begs to play it everyday. He’s been attempting “Who Let the Dogs Out” which is exactly what our dog does every time the case is opened. Poor thing! Sometimes I take her out personally to keep her company.

Lately he has been practicing the UConn fight song. I play it on my phone through YouTube while he plays along. Why UConn you ask?  It’s my husband’s alma mater and this tune is no stranger to our home. In fact it’s becoming more familiar everyday! It’s a shame the UConn basketball team won’t be going to the tournament this year but he’ll be ready to play along with the pep band next year. By that time the dog is going to be in great shape.