Sick Kids

Is there anything sadder than when your kids aren’t feeling well? My older son came home from school and I could tell right away that he was sick; followed by “Mom, I don’t feel well,” as he collapsed onto the couch. It wasn’t long before he was throwing up. I’ll spare you the details because we have all been there. Nothing is worse than watching your little one throw up. They just look so miserable and you know exactly how they feel.

Watching your child be sick is bad enough but not knowing who is going fall next can make you just as queasy. Did I wash my hands enough? Did I wipe things down? Who have we been in contact with? Will I escape it this time? I don’t know.

The last time the stomach bug came to visit my washing machine flew the coop. Ten years and it decided it was time to retire. That was not a good day. This time around the kids are older, the machine is bigger and there are ginger ale and saltines in the cabinet. There may be nothing worse than riding out this storm but at least we are ready.