Snowy Day

There is a two hour delay this morning and it’s still snowing. We’ve already had three snow days this winter so the schools don’t dare call another. No one I know wants to celebrate the 4th of July in the classroom. The falling snow is beautiful and I’m fortunate enough to be home with the kids and able to enjoy today’s relaxed pace. I’ve got crepes cooking in the skillets and I might indulge in a second cup of coffee – yum!


I love the snow. It’s part of winter so bring it on! In my book more snow equals more fun. We’ve had some great storms this winter. Nemo brought us almost two feet of snow on the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Blizzard of ’78 and there is still proof of it left in parking lots. It’s the kind of snow pile that makes the kids believe it will last through the summer.

By the way – don’t be fooled by this seemingly serene post – the kids are arguing in the background and my second cup of coffee is now ice cold!

I’m now wondering if they are going to officially cancel school today. My oldest son left his snow boots in his locker yesterday. The same way I used to ditch mine in the bushes before school; too cool to be seen with warm and dry feet. Ahh the logic of a kid. I am picturing them there all sandy and lonely. Sledding might not be as enjoyable for this kid today.

In spite of the kids getting under each other’s skin already at 8:30 I actually hope they cancel school. It will change my day completely. The kids will spend some time playing outside with their friends. They’ll move the snow around, make piles and borrows. Then they’ll come inside leaving piles of stinky wet clothes on the floor and ask for a snack. There will be popcorn and a movie and we’ll roll into the weekend.

Another aside…. the neighbor just called me to let me know my dog had just come to pay her a visit.  I’m off to pick her up. Guess I’ll just leave my coffee in the microwave where it belongs.

One hour left on the delay and no news from the school yet. Looks like we’ll have to save our snow adventures for the weekend.