Trumpet Lessons


Our 6 year old loves the trumpet and lucky for him my Aunt sent her trumpet to him. He was thrilled and has been playing it almost daily. If you have ever blown through a trumpet you can understand just how impressive this is. It takes some serious abdominal muscles just to play one note. But not for our little guy. He toots it around the house much to the torment of the poor dog.

Since his interest has stayed strong, I tried to get him some lessons. I quickly found out that instructors don’t start lessons until the fourth or fifth grade. I was told they like to wait until the baby teeth are out and the adult ones are in. That is bad news for my son because I didn’t have all of my adult teeth until well into the seventh grade. While I can appreciate that he is young I think it is worth giving it a try because he loves it. My piano lessons were akin to the expression “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. Sure I went to piano lessons but did I practice or enjoy them? NO. I put in the requisite time and got out when I could. My little horse is thirsty so why not give it a try.

I was able to find an instructor. He is a senior in high school and he knew my son because he was his swim instructor for a couple of sessions. Eddy agreed to teach the lessons the first of which was today. I stayed out of sight but with in ear shot as Eddy showed my son a treble clef, the different kinds of notes and how to play a scale.  My son loved his lesson and is ready to show off his new knowledge.  I hope this success continues.