A Portsmouth Reunion

This Saturday we had a mini reunion of a core group of friends from UNH. It’s hard to believe it has been seventeen years since we were hanging together on a semi daily basis. Fast forward all those years and the friendship bonds are still as strong as ever. We are an eclectic group of friends. We hail from different places, schools, and studies. It’s funny to think of how we are all connected. Our common threads are UNH, Portsmouth, and Loon Mountain and over the years we’ve added spouses and kids to round out the mix.

It was pure joy to be together with this group of friends. It’s the kind of comfort that comes from history and shared experiences. It was beautiful to watch our children immediately take to each other. For all intents and purposes our kids are strangers and yet they wasted no time in getting to know each other. It was like it was in their genes to be friends which stands to reason.

I’m already pining to get back together. It is hard to wrangle our group together more than a few times a year, which would be a big improvement to our once every two years. I’m optimistic we can make this happen and I’m hopeful that pieces of our crew can get together more frequently. In the mean time we have photos and memories to enjoy until we meet again.