Over the Hill

My husband turned 40 yesterday; over the hill as they say. He has climbed to the pinnacle of his life and from this point forward it is all down hill: a horrible metaphor. Maybe that was true years ago during the time of Don Draper when smoking was a good idea and every office had a bar but I’ve seen my friends and family turn 40 and none of them are heading downhill. Forget “over the hill”  they are more like “40 and fabulous”.

I vividly remember my parents turning 40. I was 12 and my brother was 8. They threw each other huge surprise parties. We watched them open countless gag gifts and wondered why they thought it was so funny.

“40 is the new…. what was I saying”

“40, and keepin’ it reel” – for the fisherman

“It takes balls to be forty” – for the golfer

“celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 30th birthday”

“who knew 40 could look this good!”

“40 and the best is yet to come”

These gifts were endless, black and silver, and totally lame. I knew it to be true even then. They got re-gifted until they reached their youngest friend and then got stowed away in a closet somewhere. There was no surprise party for my 40 year old. He opted for a golf day with his brother and some close friends. It would have been pretty ordinary birthday celebration had our neighbors not decorated our side door with silly string and 40 Narragansett beers – 40 beers for 40 years. “Howdy Neighbor have a ‘gansett!”  It was great – thank you neighbors.  : )


Later that evening I asked my husband how he was doing with the whole idea of 40. His response was “honestly I couldn’t be more happy with my life right now and I wouldn’t change a thing.” His view is that 40 is just another turn on the road of life. A great milestone to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re heading. It is easy for us to say this because we are blessed with good health, loving family and amazing friends. Forty years can cultivate some fine relationships. So call it “over the hill”, “around the bend”, “fabulous” whatever you want but turning 40 is a great way to celebrate the life experiences you’ve had and all the more to come.

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!