I knew I became my mother when….

Clinique LipstickI knew I became my mother when I stopped at a red light, reached into the center console, pulled out my lipstick and proceeded to paint my lips in the rearview mirror. I realized instantly this genetic tide would be hard to swim against. My mother always put lipstick on in the car. She was not a big wearer of makeup, in fact the only makeup she wore happened to be Clinique lipstick she applied in the car. It was just so routine and so Mom. We would get in the car and at the first red light the lipstick would come out.

It would take becoming a mother myself to understand why she put lipstick on in the car. The answer is TIME. In the race against the clock to be somewhere a mother will start trimming items off the to do list. It’s simply not possible to get it all done before we step out the door for the day so we subconsciously lob off items of lesser importance: change handbag to match shoes, load washing machine, take inventory of refrigerator, bring a snack, make the beds….  The list goes on of all the things “I was going to take care of before I left the house this morning”. Putting on lipstick while important is simply forgotten. Therefore being the practical woman my mother is she brought it with her to the car and there it stayed: brilliant!

Now as a mother of two boys, I too keep my lipstick in the car and readily admit I am just like my mother. My Mother’s name is Martha and many people call her “Mart”. Guess that makes me a “Mini-Mart”. I often laugh or roll my eyes when I catch my Mom doing something I vividly remember my Grandmother doing, which my Mother swore she would never do. My Dad witnesses this whole charade and lovingly reminds me, “Don’t worry, your day will come!”. I know this to be true. In many respects it has already arrived.

Happy Mother’s Day!