First Lost Tooth


Our second son became the first son to lose his first tooth. Follow? We have two boys ages six and eight. Who would believe that the six year old would beat out the eight year old? This is genetics at work. I was late losing my teeth and at 37 I am still waiting for my wisdom teeth to come in. To give our eight year old credit, he does have a few wiggly ones and he looks like a shark with a second set of teeth growing in behind the first. He could help this process along if he would wiggle them but instead he just looks at them curiously in the mirror (maybe he could brush them while standing there?). Those adult teeth are going to have to do all the work themselves. Part of the problem is lack of incentive. All of his friends have lost tons of teeth so it’s no longer a competition and he doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy. Bah-humbug; he doesn’t believe in Santa either.

Our six year old, on the other hand, is all about it. He got his finger tips on that wiggly tooth and worked it back and forth like a rocking chair. This morning I took one look at it (hanging sideways) and told him today was the day. He was thrilled. Turns out he lost it in the very next spoonful of Cheerios. “Mom, I lost my tooth! It was literally hanging out doing the backstroke in my mouth!” he says to me.  (hanging out doing the backstroke?!?) He set the little tooth on the counter and we could hardly see it. It was the size of half a Tic Tac. It is a miracle he didn’t swallow it.


He proudly showed everyone at the bus stop the gap in his mouth and later that day he showed the UPS guy and the mail man. They were good sports (or Dad’s themselves) and congratulated him. Before bedtime we found a tiny box to but the tooth in and gently tucked it under his pillow. He was pretty excited. So excited in fact that at 5:00 in the morning he leaped onto our bed to show us the magical exchange had occurred. “Wow!” I exclaimed clutching my side in pain from where he landed on me. “That is awesome honey but you need to go back to bed now.”


Yes, that is a one dollar bill in that box. That’s what our tooth fairy brought. We’ve heard rumors of a more generous tooth fairy but she didn’t come to our house. He ended up with one more dollar than he had before he went to bed and was thrilled with the magic. So now the question is will the second son be the first to lose a second tooth or will the first son be the second to lose his first tooth? Stay tuned!