Super Moon

Last night we lost power a little before 9:00 pm. It was the day after the summer solstice and there was still enough light for me to find a flashlight and turn a few things off. Of course the first thing I did upon entering each room was attempt to turn on the lights; some habits die hard. With flashlight in hand I headed outside with the dog at my heels (she was totally spooked) to make sure I wasn’t the only one who had lost power. Sure enough, everyone else was lights out too.

It was a beautiful summer night and as I sat on the back patio in the quietness and realized I had been given a gift. Losing power had brought me outside to enjoy this time. As the light faded I watched the bats come out and then the fireflies. I sat there totally in the present moment. I can’t believe I would have missed all this for the comfort of A/C and TV. It really made me miss my husband who was out of town on a business trip. It’s these surprise moments where the best conversation happens; dialogue that make you feel like you are on a date.

And then out of nowhere I caught this light out of the corner of my eye and mistook it for a spotlight. It was unbelievably bright. It was the moon. I learned that last night was a “Super Moon” which occurs when a full moon is at its closest to Earth during its elliptical orbit. It was super and if the power hadn’t gone out I would have missed it. I tried to capture it with my camera but it just isn’t the same.


DSC_1242I took this second photo because it shows how bright the moon light was. Bright enough to discern colors. Incredible!!