Summer Friends

Summer has started here at Joe’s Pond and this first week of July there are eight kids ranging in age from four to ten with various interests and abilities. They are united by location and secured by the knowledge that their parents are great friends with each other too. With those things in common, they are left to explore and play.

They picked up where they left off last year remembering their time on the beach building “water works”; giant pools of water connected by rivers and stopped by dams. It was their go to activity of last summer. From there they branched into jackpot and 500; games where the swimmers in the water catch balls lobbed to them of different point values. There have been cannonball contests, tag, tennis, baseball card trading, spying and general lounging around. They’ve settled into a cadence of boredom and fun – the gift of summer.

The kids have warmed up to each other and to each other’s parents such that lunch time brings a different assortment of mouths to feed each day. These are their summer memories in the making. This is their social fabric being woven for summers to come.