Orange is the New Green

Our younger son’s favorite color has been green for the longest time and as a result most of his possessions are green. You can imagine my surprise when one day he denounces green in favor of orange. Where did this change come from? The picture started to come into focus while we were watching a golf tournament and he announced that his favorite brand was Puma. That’s when I realized we had a Rickie Fowler fan in our midst. Rickie Fowler is hard to miss if you are watching a major golf tournament. He is a 24-year-old professional golfer and is far more fashion forward than the usual country club set we see on tour. And like Tiger Woods wears red on the final day of a tournament he wears orange in honor of his alma mater Oklahoma State University.

Our younger son has an eye for fashion. He knows what he likes and how he wants to wear it. His forte is accessories. Given his eye for flare and his love for golf it is no surprise he latched on to Rickie Fowler.

Occasionally on the weekend my husband will take the boys on an outing to Dick’s Sporting Goods. They browse the different sport sections and usually come home with a little something. The boys love it and I’m pretty sure their Daddy does too! This particular trip our son came home more excited than usual. Dad had taken his picture next to a life sized cut out of Rickie Fowler and had encouraged him to write Rickie a letter in hopes off getting his autograph. Here is his letter. We are still awaiting a reply.

This is the first time either of our boys has chosen a celebrity to admire. It makes me a little nervous to see him put stock in someone he knows nothing about. I can imagine that these young and famous athletes enjoy the fun and perks that their fame gives them but I doubt they give any thought to their young and impressionable following. In the wake of the Aaron Hernandez scandal let’s hope Rickie Fowler’s orange is that of his contract and not the orange of a criminal.