We’ve had a great summer so far. The kind of summer that has some big events planned but with swaths of freedom in between. While big events are great it’s in that freedom we find boredom which leads us to unearth little treasures like a game of Monopoly.

It was the perfect day for a board game; overcast weather and nothing to do. We went to the closet in search of something and pulled out Monopoly. It was well over a year ago that I last played Monopoly with our oldest son. He did fairly well but being a saver he didn’t buy enough properties and I beat him handily. I was curious to see how he would do this time around. On our first few treks around the board we were on a shopping spree amassing a smattering of colorful deeds. Then my opponent landed on Park Place and bought it; a sound move. In the mean time I had managed to roll doubles three times in a row on three separate occasions to land myself in jail. I did not pass go and did not collect $200. With me tucked away in the slammer my son managed to land on and purchase Boardwalk. That purchase coupled with Park Place would guarantee him the win and he knew it. I tried in vain to trade and make deals for some of his other properties so I could at least score my own monopoly but he wasn’t interested. With his rainbow of deeds spread out in front of him he stopped buying and started developing Park Place and Boardwalk. I was screwed.


We were still playing when my husband got home from work. He took one look at our positions and started to laugh. “That’s exactly how I used to play as a kid. I was 100% focused on getting Boardwalk and Park Place and didn’t care about the rest.” It wasn’t long before he secured his win. I had landed in jail for the third time and upon my release landed on Boardwalk. “You won,” I told him. “No Mom, count your money. You might have a few dollars left and we can keep playing.” “Not today kiddo. Let’s bulldoze these developments and start anew another boring day.”