Ha Ha, I scared you!

Son #2 has found a new pastime; scaring his mother. He first started doing it around Halloween which made perfect sense, for obvious reasons, and he had a scary skeleton costume. Who could blame him? It would have been a shame not to put that costume to good use. But here we are in December and I’ve had my heart rate elevated to the stratosphere no less than five times this week. You’d think I’d be immune to it but he gets me every time.

My brother and I used to love scaring our mother. We would sneak up behind her while she was vacuuming. She’d turn around and we’d jump out at her. The vacuum hose would go flying into the air and knock down the draperies or suck up some innocent hanging plant. It was hilarious! At least we thought so. The prank never lost its allure because it was a guaranteed success. No matter how often we did it we could still make her jump.

Fast forward thirty years and I’m now the “unsuspecting” victim. Hilarious! He knows me so well. Take this morning for instance. I sent him upstairs to get dressed for school. He knew eventually I would call from the bottom of the stairs to check up on him so he just waited on the other side of the hallway.  As I walked to the stairs he jumped out. BOO!  Ha Ha Ha!!!

What is it about the word “BOO”?  And why on Earth would I be jumpy in my own house? It is totally irrational but it works. I know my house is totally secure. There are no intruders or ghosts and most of the time he scares me during the day. I can’t imagine my heart rate if he actually scared me at night after he was tucked into bed. (please don’t tell him. I’d never recover)

I keep telling him that one of these days I’m going to really scare him but he’s not deterred. I’m sure I’ll be scared at least three times this weekend alone and maybe, just maybe, one of those times I’ll be ready for it. Now that’s a scary thought.