The Spirit of the Season

The boys have been opening advent windows on their calendars for a week and I’ve been enjoying the neighbors display of lights since the day after Thanksgiving but today was the first day it felt like the Christmas season for me. It may be because Thanksgiving was so late or that there have been days of near 60 degree weather but whatever the reason I’m glad I’m finally “waiting with joyful anticipation”. For all it’s stresses, Christmas truly is “the most wonderful time of the year”.

Today was a big day of pre-Christmas activity; the house is mostly decorated, there are candles in the windows and wreathes on the doors, the Christmas card has been ordered, and the tree has been purchased. Decorating the tree is on tomorrow’s list after we pick up some egg nog.

ElfWe capped off the day by watching the movie “Elf” all snuggled up as a family. I love that movie. I remember watching it in the theater with my husband and laughing until I couldn’t breathe at the scene where Buddy has to test the “Jack in the Box” toys. Those toys make me jump every time. (see Boo!) Now the best part of the movie is hearing the boys laugh. “Elf” is filled with silly humor but also the theme of family coming together through the magic of of Christmas. I spent time today decorating the house and buying gifts but it wasn’t until I shared that time with my family that I started to feel the spirit of the season too.