The Tooth Fairy Cometh

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping child with a tiny tooth tucked under his pillow waiting for the tooth fairy to magically swap it out for some money. There is nothing more heartbreaking than greeting your child when the tooth fairy forgot to come. The tooth fairy didn’t show up for son #2’s fifth tooth. I had forgotten so completely that I had no idea why he was upset that next morning. I went to wake him up for school and found his pillow thrown off his bed and the blanket pulled up over his head. “The tooth fairy didn’t come.” he sobbed. My heart sunk. How do I fix this?  Son #1 lost his first tooth so late that he never believed in the tooth fairy. But son #2 believes wholeheartedly. He’s our youngest which means we should be savoring these milestone moments and doing all we can to perpetuate these parental myths. He was devastated. I was a bad mommy and a bad tooth fairy.

I texted my friend about the situation. Her response: “We must have the same tooth fairy. Ours is always a day late.” I showed this text to my son and it lifted his spirits. He decided he’d go to school after all. We made it to the bus stop and shared our story. It turns out that the tooth fairy in our neighborhood is very tardy. It’s a miracle she is ever on time with teeth popping out like popcorn and so many other holidays and events woven into the calendar. Determined not to break his heart two days in a row I set a reminder on my phone for 10:00.

Last night tooth number six went under his pillow and I set my high-tech tooth fairy reminder.