How Connected Am I?

I have a FaceBook account that I seldom use, and yet today I felt compelled to open up a Twitter and a Medium account. I came across Medium when a friend sent me an e-mail (yesterday) with a link to an article on Medium. What the hell is Medium I wondered?  I tried to read the article but it required a Twitter account? So there you have it, I am officially down the rabbit hole, tweeting as I fall.

It wasn’t that long ago when I complained about how tedious it was to have to check so many accounts. The many accounts to which I was referring was a mere four: work voice mail, home voice mail, work e-mail and home e-mail. It was all so time consuming. Never would I have imagined that I’d have so many more ten years later.

Here’s a “quick” inventory of my accounts…..

  • E-mail – 3 accounts, 4 if you count that weird one from Facebook
  • Cell phone – with text, voicemail and FaceTime
  • Home phone – with voicemail
  • WordPress Blog – thanks for reading!
  • FaceBook
  • LindedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Medium

If you can’t find me, feel free to drive over and ring the doorbell. I’ll be home but I may not answer because I’ll be so busy checking my accounts. I may be present physically but you’ll have better luck communicating with me virtually. In parting I’ll leave you with the wise words of a friend as he was leaving a party….”see you on FaceBook.”