My parents know my brother’s and my I.Q. but have never shared it with us despite our pleas. They are good at keeping their cards chested and I’m glad. All I know is that our I.Q.’s are not equal which means one of us is smarter than the other and since my brother’s salutation begins with “doctor” I’d say it’s a closed case. However, since our I.Q.’s were never revealed, maybe I just never lived up to my full potential!!

A few weeks ago, my mother invited me to join Lumosity’s core centers around the theory of neuro-plasticity. They believe that cognitive abilities like memory, flexibility, spacial relations and problem solving can be exercised and improved. In other words, if you don’t use it you will lose it but you can improve it with a little brain exercise. Good news for me since I’ve lost a lot of cognitive ground since departing from the office to become a stay at home mom. I mean a LOT of ground! And just like my I.Q. I’m not sharing my Lumosity scores!!!

I’ve set my preferences to be tested four times a week. Each session has five games. It takes about fifteen minutes to complete a session and another fifteen minutes for me to pour over my scores in humility. The tests are fun. There are raindrops with equations that fall from the sky, trains to direct to the correct station, classic memory tiles to flip, suitcases to pack. It’s problem solving against the clock. All the data is collected and tabulated against prior sessions and other Lumosity members. It turns out I am pretty good at problem solving but terrible at memory. I can give you the answer, but you’ll have to remember it for me. Funny how I already compensate for this. I live by the list. Everything goes on a list. Even my kids know this. If they ask me for something I’ll tell them “put it on the list”. It will be in my eulogy….Mom was always making lists.  She used to say, “put it on the list”. (pause – laughter) 

I’m a week into my Lumosity training and based on my scores there is a lot of upside potential.  I may have a bad memory but I am very disciplined. My problem solving skills tell me…. Bad Memory + Discipline =  Cognitive Improvement. Watch out Doctor Brent.