Blogging A to Z

On a recent trip my friend and I were up late reminiscing and reflecting upon our live’s paths. I confessed that upon graduating college I envisioned being a high-powered executive. I was a business school graduate with a B.S. not an MRS. degree and I was poised to climb the corporate ladder. Husband? Kids? Those were far away notions for when I was much older – like in my 30’s! Life has it’s own plans though. I was married at 23 and while I did have a turbo charged career, I left it to be a stay-at-home mom at 29 and haven’t gone back. I never saw any of that coming, but it’s where I’m supposed to be and exactly where I want to be.

That said, there is still a piece of me that is often restless. I loved being part of a corporate team; facing challenges from the customer and navigating the workplace dynamics. It’s easier to have feelings of self-worth and accomplishment when you get a paycheck and an annual review. Now my “annual” review will come sometime after my kids have graduated from high school. Will I look back on those years as a job well done or have regrets about my job performance?

The restless me started blogging on April 3, 2010 as a way to capture life’s memories.  Two hundred and ten posts later I have realized how much I love writing and it have made it a goal to write a book. I’ve been incredibly inspired by Kelly Corrigan’s recent book “Glitter and Glue”.  And upon finishing it, I stated to my husband, “when I grow up I want to write a book just like Kelly.”  Her writing is engaging, funny and poignant. So with my goal publicly stated, I am combing through past posts in search of a common thread; something I can weave together into a book worth reading.

Like any discipline, it’s important to practice. So I’m on a mission to write more, read more and reflect more. I recently came across a website challenging bloggers to write daily, ticking through the alphabet A through Z as a way to stem writer’s block. I love this idea and will be working through the alphabet one letter at a time. There are some tricky letters out there, so I welcome my readers’s inspiration along this journey. If you have an affinity for a particular letter, shout it out. I’d love to hear about it. No doubt it will be an interesting journey. I’ll look forward to meeting you at “Z end” of the alphabet!