D is for Drama

D is for drama and the high stakes emotion that comes with having kids.  “I can’t find my hat, someone stole it!”  “I don’t like spaghetti, I’ll never get dessert again, ever.” When I’m not sleep deprived, the drama is pretty funny. It’s so clear where they stand at any given moment. No shades of gray here. One minute everything is great and the next minute the world is ending…forever.

Drama is related to passion and passion drives interest. I don’t remember sort of being interested in rainbows as a kid. I remember being passionate about them. It was all rainbows until I moved on to my next obsession, unicorns. Our oldest son was passionate about Thomas the Tank Engine for a few years. We had all the main characters from Thomas to Gordon and everyone in between. Heaven help anyone who misnamed any of the characters while playing with him. There was plenty of drama if the trains were not found in the round house at the end of the day. We had to go “around the house” looking for them until they were found. Any parent of a child who loses a prized possession understands drama. You can actually feel the “Earth Move Under You Feet” – thank you Carole King, you’ve been there.

Drama gets things done. Drama moves us from “sort of” to “all in”. It’s what fires us up and gets the blood pumping. When a child is being dramatic it can be totally inconvenient and annoying, but you can’t deny the passion behind it. While we may be sitting on the fence about our thoughts and beliefs, at least they are taking action. And that is better than the alternative which is “M for Malaise”.