F is for FIFA World Cup Football

F is for FIFA World Cup Football. It’s the World Cup this year and our household has been watching the games and following the standings. We cheered as the United States beat Ghana. We held our breaths as they tied Portugal and cried when they lost a heart breaker to Belgium. It’s been fun to get familiar with the team recognizing their faces and throwing their names around like we’ve known them for years. We’ve paid special attention to Geoff Cameron who hails from the next town over. Imagine a local boy playing on the enormous stage of World Cup Football!

Coverage of the World Cup started on the heels of little league baseball. Baseball bats and gloves were quickly abandoned for soccer balls. Impromptu nets were set up where ever the kids and their friends found themselves. Sometimes actual nets were available but most of the time they used anything they could muster. My parent’s front lawn looks like a storm hurled four lawn chairs into various corners of their yard. It’s only when the kids take to the field you see that the chairs are goal markers. They get moved when the lawn gets mowed and reset just as quickly in preparation for the next game. I love seeing these pickup games and imagine they are occurring in every corner of the globe as kids everywhere get inspired to win glory for their country.