J is for Jokes

J is for Jokes. The kids are at an age where they are busy with their friends. They are not paying attention to the adults and are oblivious to what we can overhear. They are doing their own thing and we only come in handy when they are hungry. The other day I hear our younger son and his friend chatting in the yard.

“How does NASA throw a party?” she asks him……  “They planet!”  Hahaha

They both laugh like it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever heard. Meanwhile I’m not sure my son even knows what NASA is. I love this about kids sharing jokes with each other; they don’t have to get the punch line in order to think it’s funny. It’s funny anyway.

He comes back with his go to joke.

“Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?”…….. “He didn’t have any guts!”  Hahaha

I love his delivery here because I’m quite sure he doesn’t really understand what “guts” are. He just knows that he has to use the word “guts” because that’s why people laugh. It’s really cute.

Last night we’re in the car with the same friend and our son tries out another joke he’s heard.

“What door can’t open?”………”A mushroom”. Hahaha – get it –  hahaha  “It’s a mushroom. A room that’s mush.” Hahaha

The joke is actually: What is the only room without any doors….. a mushroom. I tell this to them but no one laughs.  The joke totally falls flat.  So our son repeats his version. “A room that’s mush!”  Hahahaha  hysterical!  Guess the joke’s on me.