K is for Kevin

Here is how this post started out the other day.  This is a conversation between me and my husband.

“My next blog post is the letter K and I’m having trouble thinking of what to write” I tell my husband Kevin.  “I keep coming up with “C” words instead of “K” words.  It’s really annoying.  Do you have any ideas?”

“Ah, how about K is for Kevin,” he replies.

OMG!!  How did I miss this?  This whole time I had been trying to think of some clever “K” word while my husband was standing right in front of me.  Could I be anymore of a jerk?!  There is no way he’ll let me live this down anytime soon.

I could write a lot about Kevin.  I could write about how we met or some of our early dates but these stories are best told in person.  These are stories for around the dinner table or around a campfire.  It’s so much better to hear them in person and no one can tell them better than Kevin.  He’s a born storyteller just like his father.  I loved having dinner with the Adamses because it would be one story after another.  It was like being at a dinner theater.  The stories were great but hearing Steve tell them was mesmerizing.  Sure he had amazing stories to tell but great stories can fall flat without good delivery.  He was captivating and so is Kevin.

Kevin can hold any audience in the palm of his hand.  I’ve watched him talk professionally and I’ve also watched him around a campfire with our closest friends.  No matter what he’s saying, people are listening.  I used to watch his Dad tell a story and try to pick out the elements of good storytelling.  Was it hand gestures, voice inflection, content?  It’s all of those things but most of all it’s knowing just what detail to include and how to describe it in a way that makes it funny or relatable.  But here’s the thing, it’s intuitive to them which is what makes their stories genuine and so captivating.

Kevin’s way with words is inspiring but he isn’t just a talker, he’s also a great listener.  He is genuinely interested in what other’s have to say and he remembers it.  In this way he really gets to know people.  I love that Kevin is great at both ends of the spectrum; talking and listening.  Kevin tells our family stories while I write them here.  Hopefully someday our kids will want to listen to or read them.  I’m sure we’ll all hear about the time I didn’t know what to write about for the letter “K”.