L is for Lakes

L is for Lakes.

When I think of summer memories they are almost all centered around a lake. We didn’t grow up with a lake house, but my Mom was a camp director so every summer day was spent at camp on a lake. And if we weren’t at day camp with her, we were at sleep-away camps or on vacation camping as a family all centered around a lake. I also have great memories surf side, of time in Casco Bay with my grandparents, or body surfing the waves at Salisbury Beach with my other grandparents, but the bulk of my summer days were spent lakeside.

When my husband and I were first married, my parents bought a small camp on a lake in Vermont. It was a falling down mess of a camp without running water. I didn’t fully appreciate my parent’s vision for this shack at that time. Fast forward a number of years and the fruit of their Yankee “do it yourself” determination has given us a place we come to each summer to enjoy with friends and family. We are so lucky to have this place of retreat.

I love waking up near the water and watching it change in temperament and temperature throughout the day. In the chilly mornings the water looks like a foggy bathroom mirror with steam rising into the cold air. There is usually an angler out for his early bird catch or a kayaker getting a jump on the day. As the sun rises and the breeze blows, the water perks up. It laps at the shore as if to gently wake up the rest of us. Soon the motor boats start crisscrossing the lake with kids on tubes or skies. The lake stays at that cadence for most of the day with boats speeding around and loons cursing their wakes. Everyone is out enjoying the water. Later in the day, the light changes and the water settles. Parents pull their purple-lipped kids out of the water and many board pontoon boats for an evening cocktail cruise.

I love that lakes can be something for everyone depending on your interests from paddle boarding to water skiing, from fishing to swimming. You don’t have to have a huge boat to get in on the action. The smell of the water evaporating mixed with the scent of pine trees can be enjoyment enough.

We have dear friends who bought a lake house a few years ago. “We are so happy for you!” we cried. “No, be happy for us!” they said pointing their fingers at us and then back at themselves. They were sincere and have invited us up to enjoy it with them several times. I love thinking of the countless memories they are making as a family and relish the memories we have made with them at their lake house. What is it about leaving our own homes that makes it so much easier to light that campfire and kickback with good friends?  It must be the lake.

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