M is for Mundane

M is for mundane.

While motherhood is amazing, it has its moments of monotony; great swaths of time spent in the mundane tasks of everyday life. Doing repetitive tasks like laundry, dishes and food shopping. There are common phrases used over and over again: “wash your hands”, “brush your teeth”, “say please and thank-you”. I read somewhere in my early days as a mother that the “days are long but the years are short”. It’s so true. I used to think 7:00pm would never arrive after a day of food shopping, cleaning, playing peekaboo and changing diapers. Yet somehow here I am, ten years later.

I think about all the things that I do on a daily basis. Many are habitual and predictable. At first glance these chores seem incredibly boring but, when viewed through another lens, it’s these mundane moments that build the traditions that yield memories and create relationships.

I see my neighbors daily at the bus stop. We stand out in the elements hot or cold, sunny or rainy and share tidbits of our lives with each other. That daily drumbeat of those ten minute conversations over the course of years lays out an intimate shared history. The mundane walk to the bus stop, in retrospect, will be remembered warmly as time spent among friends.

My children see me in the kitchen everyday as I bake, cook and clean. It can be hard to pull together a meal at the end of the day. The process can be thankless, but all that mundane food preparation brings us together around a table as a family. It is at the table that we share, discuss and learn about each other. We try out ideas that will give us the confidence to side step the ordinary and seek the extraordinary.

Life has lots of moments of excitement, but most of it is spent living in between the holidays and special occasions. That mundane time in between life’s big moments creates the little touch points that build the relationships to bring life’s big moments.

We have a big moment tomorrow. Those long days suddenly became ten short years. We’ll celebrate our son’s important milestone birthday with a party. We’ll capture it in photos, spend it with friends and remember it for the special day that it truly is, not mundane but extraordinary.