N is for New Beginnings

N is for New Beginnings.

This year we made the choice to move our younger son to our parish’s parochial school. We had considered it for our older son when he was starting kindergarten but then decided, although we loved our parish, that we wanted to be a part of the larger community. It was the right decision for him and he has had a wonderful school experience.

Funny that we didn’t revisit this process with our younger son. We just sent him along with his brother when it was time for him to enter kindergarten. The course had been set. Even though our older son was doing well, our younger son wasn’t having the same experience. He and his brother are different people with different learning styles nestles among a different mix of kids. I worried for him because I didn’t see the same academic progress and I worried about him socially as he struggled to find a core group of friends. I was stuck in a worry loop when my husband suggested we look into our church’s school. You could have blown me over with a feather. Why hadn’t I thought of that?

Long story short, we called the office and they had an opening. He attended a half day session and liked it. We enrolled him and closed our eyes when we got the first tuition bill. If this is the right place for him, the tuition will be worth it.

Today was his first day of school. He came down for breakfast dressed in his uniform and couldn’t have been cuter. The bus picked him up in front of our house and he bravely boarded it. As I waved goodbye to him, I got choked up thankful for my sunglasses to hide my tears. I was teary eyed because I’ve been blessed to spend everyday with him this summer and I will miss him now that he’s back at school. I was teary eyed because he looked so small looking out the window alone in his seat. I was teary eyed because my heart remembered what it was like to start a new school year with all those nerves jumping around. I wanted to tell him one more time that he will be fine, that it will be great, that I love him so much and that I’ll always be here for him, but he was already gone.

This is a new beginning for him and for all of us. We have been so warmly welcomed by everyone in this new school which has made this new beginning a blessing.