You’ll be there, right Mom?

Today is Scholastic Book Fair Day at my older son’s school. He was pretty pumped about it this morning and asked if I would give him $10 “just like last time”. Good thing he remembered because I would have given him $5. He’s clever because once I agreed on $10 he suddenly remembered that he had a $5 coupon from participating in the summer reading program and just like that he had $15.

“Mom, you’re going to be there right?” he asks me. Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to help in the younger grades with their selections. I learned the hard way when I missed our younger son’s kindergarten book fair and he came back with a three-hundred page novel by Rick Riordan. “I wasn’t planning on it,” seeing how he’s in fourth grade. “Why not Mom?” He looked sort of let down so I told him that I would try, but no promises. Of course I’d be there. Maybe always means yes to a kid.

I showed up all smelly directly from a class at the YMCA I take with a friend. My original reason for not being at book fair was having a standing commitment to the post workout shower. Pretty lame choosing a shower over time with my son so I showed up.

His face lit up when he spotted even though he tried not to let on. He was smart to ask me because his selection of three books put him over his $15 by $1.48. “I probably can’t get this because I won’t have enough,” he says. “I’ll cover you.” “Really? Thanks Mom!”

I no longer get hugs when my kids spot me at school, but at least they still acknowledge me. I could tell he wanted me to hang out a little longer because he kept making small talk. So I stayed and chatted and didn’t worry about the shower I needed to take. There are only a few Scholastic Book Fairs in my future and plenty of time for showers. So thanks for requesting my presence kiddo – you made my day.

Library Book Fair

Library Book Fair