For my birthday can I get my own…

Our younger son wants a dog. We had a very unfortunate situation happen with our dog Quincy this past winter and have been without a dog since March. I miss having a dog and I can tell our son does too. Having a dog instantly turns a house into a home. There is a little more mess and a lot more love. What is better than being greeted at the door by your four legged friend? A dog is ALWAYS happy to see you no matter what time you come home.

I love to go for walks but I’ve noticed I take fewer now that we no longer have a dog. I’m so used to either pushing a stroller or holding a leash it just feels wrong to go empty handed. The only walk I take now is with my friend on Monday mornings, and she takes her dog. I love seeing Polly wag her tail when she sees me coming. It just makes me feel good.

Lately I’ve fallen in love with Fenway, a Springer Spaniel puppy up the street. He is so cute! Admittedly I have a soft spot for Springers. We had two growing up: Muggins and Bergen. Fenway gets walked around 4:00 most afternoons, and if I’m in the yard I keep an eye open for him. Some people like to get their “baby fix”. Right now I’m getting my “puppy fix” with Fenway.

We are warming up to getting a puppy. Our son has stated he wants a dog for Christmas. “Santa doesn’t bring live animals, honey. That is a family decision,” we told him. “Well, I’m going to ask for one anyway,” he replied. This has been a recurring conversation and I have to admit a puppy at Christmas would be so cute. But I’m keeping that to myself.

At dinner while our son was eating a huge scoop of peanut butter he asked, “Why do dogs love peanut butter so much?”.  “What’s not to love about peanut butter,” I replied.  “Mom, for my birthday can I get my own….peanut butter?” My husband started to belly laugh. We all expected him to say PUPPY. “If that’s what you want for your birthday I think your chances are pretty good,” I tell him.  “Don’t worry Mom, I’m still going to ask Santa for a dog.”