We’re Here to Pump You Up

“Mom, what’s for dinner tonight?” asks my ten-year-old son.

“Pork tenderloin.”

“Good, because I need to bulk up.”

Did he honestly just tell me he needs to “bulk up”?  Wasn’t the use of deodorant and hair gel supposed to come before “bulking up”. There is supposed to be a natural progression of steps into adolescence. Jumping ahead to step five was a little unexpected.  To be fair, our boys are on the lean side. They are in the hundredth percentile for height but eighty-fifth for weight. It’s been that way from birth and looking at their genetics it could easily continue that way. In fact, they are more likely to get leaner and lankier before they get broader. I spared them that information.

Instead, I wanted to capitalize on their new found interest in nutrition. “You know, if you really want to bulk up you should try eating bananas and of course lots of eggs for breakfast.” This could be my ticket to gain some ground on fruits and vegetables. Unlike their height which has been given to them, they are going to have to work for their bulk. At six years old, son #1 debunked the “eat your fruits and vegetables to grow big and strong” mantra that parents chant nightly. He said to me at the dinner table, “Hey Mom, it turns out you don’t have to eat your fruits and vegetables to grow big and strong because look at me.  I don’t eat any vegetables and I’m the tallest one in my class.”  He got me there.  Not much I could say to that.

But being tall and being big are two different things. Son #2 has been working on pull-ups to gain some momentum while son #1 has been doing planks. And for no particular reason my husband decided to reassemble the weight bench above the garage. They did a few reps together followed by the endless requests to “feel my muscles” and “look at how strong I am now”. I’d say they’re off to a great start.


A few weeks later I ran into Hans and Franz. As you can see, I’m totally pumped!