The Great Light Fight

We were inspired to string a few more Christmas lights after watching ABC’s Great American Light Fight. We caught the first double episode shortly after Thanksgiving and our mouths dropped. Who knew what people were capable of doing with a few strands of Christmas lights. Some families synchronize their lights to music while others take a more traditional approach but either way requires extensive planning and help from family and friends.

After being dazzled by these displays, our oldest son declared that “our house was boring and needed more lights”. I totally agreed with him so I appealed to his planning nature and suggested he draw a “light scape” for our house. This is what he presented to me.


It is our house to a “T”. He even went outside several times to check the sizes of the various shrubs. “This looks great. I’m impressed.” We agreed on a budget of $50 and the next afternoon headed to Lowe’s to scope out their selection. Um, $50 doesn’t go far and the options are endless: LED, blinking, dripping, colored. It was crazy. In the end, they didn’t have enough of what we needed so we left the store empty handed, a lot wiser and a little bummed out.

The next day I stopped into Benny’s (a local mini version of Walmart) and was able to find three packs of regular icicles and three packs of lighted candy canes for a grand total of $50. Perfect! I raced home in an attempt to string the icicles before the kids got off the bus. Naturally the only roof clips they sold were the wrong size so the icicles remained in their boxes. I did manage to line the back walkway with the candy canes and sting some white lights on a hemlock across the driveway. Not great but something.


Our light display won’t be competing in any “Light Fight” and hardly gets much attention even in our own neighborhood. It did make our home a little brighter than last year though. Our light display won’t garner any prizes next year either but it will be brighter than this year’s display and in the darkest of months even a little light can go a long way.