Juno – Part 2

Early in the day

Early in the day – stone wall buried

Juno finished storming our area last night and left behind over two feet of snow. And even though it was cold and blustery we didn’t lose power, which meant we could enjoy the storm and the reprieve from work and routine.  The storm made the roads un-passable so everyone was home. At some point after lunch our neighbors from down the street walked up our driveway holding suspicious looking coffee mugs: no steam rising from that beverage. We suited up and joined them for a walk around the block and settled at another neighbor’s driveway. It wasn’t long before our group had grown to ten adults and oodles of kids. We refilled our mugs and my husband wheeled over his “Karaoke ‘n Roll”, a portable karaoke machine, for some sing alongs. It was still windy, snowy and cold but we were suited up and having a blast. (no photos – too cold)

School was cancelled for the following day and the party migrated indoors for beers across the street followed by dinner at another house. We ended up back outside around a fire-pit while the kids sledded in the back yard until well past all of our bedtimes. Juno gave us the gift of time to excuse ourselves from life and hunker down with our neighbors. Neighbors who are good friends that we drive past and wave to and talk about getting together but rarely do. Not because we don’t want to but because life gets busy.

As I wrote in “Juno – Part 1” I was hoping that this storm would be forgettable because it wouldn’t be formidable.  It turns out it will be unforgettable because it was formidable enough to ground us to our homes and allow us to spend time with our neighborhood friends.