Driveway Snowboarding

While we were at Dick’s buying my snowshoes, we spotted a box of cheap snowboards made for going down a sledding hill. I couldn’t resist. It seemed like an easy way to introduce the boys to snowboarding. No crazy investment in equipment or lessons just slip your boots into a pair of sandal like bindings and hope for the best. Secretly I wanted to try it myself.

With all the snow we’ve gotten, the plow has made the end of our driveway into a legitimate sledding hill. Add a little grooming and Kevin and the boys turned the mound into a four trail snowboarding park. Each trail had a name and a rating. Powder Donut- green circle; Rogers’ Riptide – black diamond; Tube – blue square; Scary Screamer – double black diamond. Later expansion plans included a fifth run on another snow pile called FarmHill Free Fall – probably another black diamond.

With the trails groomed and ready we all participated in a pre-lunch “X Games”. We had the beginner round followed by expert and championship rounds. Of course all of this was put to music and announced by Daddy using our “Karaoke and Roll” portable karaoke machine. The whole thing was ridiculously funny and an absolute blast! Did I mention that this is our sixth no school snow day! We needed to do something entertaining.

The kids had a great time especially our youngest. For short money we were able to give him a taste of snowboarding. Funny that we pay to have our driveway plowed only to shovel it all back onto the driveway to create our mini ski resort. The plow guy will be back since more snow is forecasted for Thursday. In the mean time the hill is open and we offer night snowboarding.