Sunshine Day

While it may be the father’s job to give his daughter away in marriage, my mother took it upon herself to give away sage advise. “Make sure she gets lots of sun,” she told my then fiancé Kevin. Mom knows me best and she has long declared that I am solar powered.

A few years ago we briefly entertained moving to Portland, Oregon to chase a corporate job at adidas. I was excited about a new endeavor and had heard Portland was a great city. But my husband, having lived there before, told me, “you’ll never make it. It just doesn’t get enough sun for you.” We scrapped the plan.

Even though I love sun, I also love winter. I find those crisp, cold, sunny days in winter with a fresh layer of snow truly breathtaking. Winter days may be short but they can be sunny. This winter however, has been gray. I am acutely aware of the lack of sun as I nurse my withering lemon tree moving it from window to window around my house trying to maximize its sunlight. I should also be moving myself into the sun to charge up my own batteries.

I was totally depressed this past Friday. Saturday I felt better but the skies were still gray and a massive snowstorm was on the way. I was in need of fresh air and sunlight and both would be hard to come by in this weather. Suddenly I had an epiphany. “Come on kids, we’re going to Dick’s. I’m buying myself some snowshoes.”

Best purchase I’ve made in a while. Wish I had bought them sooner. My neighbor told me you can burn 1000 calories an hour and I believe her. It’s tough trekking in deep snow. I’ll burn some calories but certainly not an hour’s worth. I’ll be lucky to last 30 minutes.

Today I dropped my older son and a friend off at the YMCA to play hoops while I headed across the street to a wooded park with my snowshoes. It was amazing. The sunshine was brilliant and there were trails I never knew existed. I’ve marred up the pristine landscape with my tracks but I’ve cleaned up my mood and recharged my solar batteries enough to handle another few gray days.