T is for Special-Tea

My heritage is English and we embrace our roots with a cup of tea or a pint of ale. My Dad drinks tea at least three times a day; breakfast, tea time and after dinner. He uses loose tea which is so delicious and sophisticated. It infuses its flavor into the hot water as the beautiful leaves roll around in the bottom of the pot. You can put high quality tea in a cup, pour the water right over it and not have to strain it out. The tea will settle to the bottom where you can read the leaves to tell your fortune while you sip.

Tea shops like “Tevana” have an entire wall of different teas. They will open any of the metal storage bins so you can see the beautiful leaves and take in their scent. It’s amazing to see how different all the teas are from one another. Here is a photo from a tea market in Ireland. This merchant scooped the tea into wine glasses for us to look at and smell: a guaranteed sale in my case.

Tea Merchant in Ireland

Tea Merchant in Ireland

Tea is such a staple in our life I have an entire cabinet dedicated for it with cups and saucers, mugs, infusers, pots, and of course tea.

Entire Cabinet for Tea and Coffee

Here are a few photos of some of the tea in my tea cabinet.



My youngest son loves tea too and will ask for a cup when he sees me put the kettle on the burner. But in spite of the large selection of tea in the cabinet he prefers a bag of Tetley standard black tea and insists on making it himself. “It’s my specialty,” he says proudly. He knows how long he likes to dip the tea bag bobbing it up and down in the hot water and he adds just the right amount of milk and sugar. “Perfect! Want to try some?” It tastes exactly like the tea I used to drink at his age: lukewarm, milky sweet with a just a hint of tea. He likes it that way, but it’s not exactly my cup of tea.