The Wedding Registry

When my husband and I got married we registered for all kinds of things, many of which we couldn’t imagine using, like twelve cereal bowls. “When are we ever going to have twelve people over to eat cereal at the same time?” my husband joked. But we dutifully followed the store registry and picked out twelve of this and twelve of that, as well as serving dishes and all sorts of cooking utensils. We were so young and were thrilled each time we saw an item move from “want” to “have” on our registry; nudging us down the path towards becoming married grownups. No more cooking with Swiss Army knives and setting the table with hand me down items from the family’s camping stash.


Engaged – wedding registry in the works (1998)

Our first apartment was the first floor of an old Victorian house with a huge but very shabby kitchen. The refrigerator was conveniently located behind the back door and I don’t remember where the stove was. The sink was about two inches deep and the only lighting was a glass fixture in the middle of the ceiling with a pull chain. Looking back I now recognize the horrible layout and cheap cabinets but at the time we thought we had the best apartment ever. It was all so romantic.

With all of our loot unpacked and lovingly arranged in our apartment we did what lots of newly wed couples do and migrated from the life of going out to entertaining at home. We threw Christmas parties, fall parties, summer bbq’s and dinner parties using our grownup wedding gifts. Most included walks to the corner store to replenish the beer and many resulted in our friends spending the night. Those were the days! Sixteen years later we still host get togethers with the same friends only now we have smaller versions of ourselves running around, we have plenty of beer and we don’t usually sleep over.

Last weekend a personal chef came to our home to cook dinner for us and another couple. It was a Christmas gift from my husband’s sales team. We selected the menu and he came to the house and cooked, served, and cleaned. My only involvement was to set the table and show him where some of my serving dishes were. It was fun to have an occasion to use the china and crystal. When the meal was over, Chef Bill brought out a tray of coffee with the creamer and sugar bowl. The wife of the other couple started to laugh. “We gave that creamer and sugar bowl to you at your wedding shower,” she said. “Thank you so much. It’s coming in handy!” I replied.

Although we were incredulous at the time, we have used most of the items on our wedding registry. They were gifts from our friends, but the real gift is being able to use them with those same friends. As for the cereal bowls, we should have registered for at least 15 since we’ve broken several and half are in the dishwasher.


Fall Fest Party (2002?)


Christmas Party – Yankee Swap (2001?)


First apartment dining room – Christmas Party 1999


First apartment -Christmas Party 1999