Origami for Sale

I was in a flurry of my own activity preparing for a week long excursion to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and not paying much attention to what my kids were up to.  I’m sure I told them, “leave me alone I’m busy packing!” and they wisely heeded my advice. When my packing took me to the kitchen I noticed that they were both hunkered down at the kitchen table hard at work. It looked like an arts and crafts camp with a checkout counter.

They had been reading the paperback series by Tom Angleberger that combines Star Wars and origami with cute titles like: “Darth Paper Strikes Back”, “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda”, and “The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee”. Each book illustrates how to make the corresponding Star Wars origami finger puppet. It’s very clever. Once they mastered the basics they branched out to include Darth Maul, Captain Rex, and an army of Clones. It wasn’t long before we had a galaxy of characters. 

Our lemonade stand enteprising oldest son (read Alex P. Keaton) decided to really kick it into mass production. “Hey Mom, I’m going to sell these on the beach in North Carolina.” Suddenly I was transported to the public beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico envisioning my son in a poncho with a tray strapped around his neck selling his origami wares for “muy buen precio”. Although my wooden crab nut bowl and marlin shaped bottle opener are proof that people do buy things from beach vendors, I was not initially supportive of his business plan. My husband chimed in, “you know, the house we are renting is right off the boardwalk to the beach maybe you could set up there instead.” Perfect.

 They were busy until bedtime folding up mini “Darth Papers” and loading them into the cash register slots. They were so excited about their work we had no choice but to pack it in the car along with everything else. We transported it down the eastern seaboard and it made it out of the car but it never saw the boardwalk; the sand and surf were a bigger draw than running an origami operation. We transported it all the way north again and it resides in our basement full of the original inventory; another business venture tucked away for another time.