Job Board

We started a job board in our home. The idea came from a friend of mine who has one in her home and was touting its success. Seemed like it would be worth a try in our home. The idea is simple. Post the job with the amount you are willing to pay in cash. It’s so visible. All they have to do is complete the job and the money is theirs – transaction complete.

We expect the kids to help with the standard stuff on a day to day basis and we don’t give an allowance. They set and clear the table, empty and load the dishwasher, bring in the recycling bin and occasionally fold some laundry. Without an allowance their only spending money comes from birthday gifts or other special treats from generous family members so the job board provides a new opportunity for earning money.

Our job board is located on our family calendar. They spot them soon after they’re posted. Sure they’ve complained about the payout on a few things but having two boys breeds enough competition to keep inflation in check and get the jobs completed. I tell them, “listen if you want the job take it otherwise your brother might. The money is right there so think about it. And don’t forget, each job has an expiration date so if you snooze you lose and I get to keep the money.”


Currently there is a two part job on the board for stacking wood. Our oldest son immediately claimed them. I wondered if his younger brother would complain but decided to see how it would play out. To my delight they decided to work together.

The job isn’t finished yet and is about to expire and one brother has worked harder than the other. What started out as a simple job board has suddenly become a bit more complex. I may need to hire someone in human resources to sort this out.