List of things I Hate

I’m driving my oldest son to soccer practice and we’re having a conversation about how insurance companies calculate their rates. It starts out like this..

“Mom, who is our insurance company? You should use Geico. They offer full replacement value. Does ours?”

From there we delved into calculating risk factors. Something I didn’t want to think about since I have two boys. But it was a great opportunity for him to learn the true cost of a speeding ticket. I hope he remembers that in the future.

“That’s why I’m not going to have car insurance,” he proclaims. “If I’m a good driver then I’ll be paying for all of those other bad drivers.” He gets it. “Sorry kiddo but it’s mandatory.”

There’s a pause. “I’m going to add insurance to the list of things I hate. Wow, I didn’t realize he had a list. “What’s on your list?” I ask. I hate vegetables, government, taxes and now insurance.”

Sounds like he could make a great presidential candidate for 2016.